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Updates: New Blog & New Site

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Hey all! I wanted to share my current websites, shops, and blogs! These are the placed you can find me, interact with me, and view all my latest and greatest!


www.rlhcreations.etsy.com – Bridal Hangers & Crafty Creations!


www.rubenandreggie.etsy.com – Unique Jewelry by rlhcreations **NEW**

I decided all my jewelry items needed a home of their own so R&R was born!



www.rlhcreations.com – My Online Portfolio for rlhcreations & R&R. My wedding inspiration blog is also hosted here as well!

The new Ruben & Reggie site is coming soon! Check here for updates: http://rubenandreggie.weebly.com/

rlh_website rlh_blog

At some point I’ll start sharing on a personal blog again (it’s already sort of in the works) but for now I have nothing new to give you there!


rlhcreations: find us on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

ruben & reggie: find us on Pinterest (under rlhcreations), Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

just me (lol): rrpalacios2011 (Instagram), Facebook is for family and IRL friends only!




Author: rlhcreations

I'm a graphic designer and crafty gal from sunny Socal!

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