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Updates: New Blog & New Site

Hey all! I wanted to share my current websites, shops, and blogs! These are the placed you can find me, interact with me, and view all my latest and greatest!


www.rlhcreations.etsy.com – Bridal Hangers & Crafty Creations!


www.rubenandreggie.etsy.com – Unique Jewelry by rlhcreations **NEW**

I decided all my jewelry items needed a home of their own so R&R was born!



www.rlhcreations.com – My Online Portfolio for rlhcreations & R&R. My wedding inspiration blog is also hosted here as well!

The new Ruben & Reggie site is coming soon! Check here for updates: http://rubenandreggie.weebly.com/

rlh_website rlh_blog

At some point I’ll start sharing on a personal blog again (it’s already sort of in the works) but for now I have nothing new to give you there!


rlhcreations: find us on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

ruben & reggie: find us on Pinterest (under rlhcreations), Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

just me (lol): rrpalacios2011 (Instagram), Facebook is for family and IRL friends only!




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The Whole Life Challenge



It has been a LONG time since I actually took time out of my day to blog. But since I’m starting this challenge, I figured it would be a good time to start up again. What challenge you might ask? The Whole Life Challenge! I found out about this from a friend on Instagram and decided it was just what I needed to jump-start a healthier life. I’ll be turning 30 this year and I really want to start my 30’s on a good note since I can’t be young and live forever (darn)!

What is the WLC?

It’s a 8 week challenge that incorporates diet, exercise, mobility/stretching, supplements (vitamins), and lifestyle tasks. You get points for each of these areas as long as you follow the rules! For example, today is the first day so I have to do the official workout (it’s short and you repeat it on the last day as well), a workout of my own, I have eat according to their guidelines (there are 3 levels – I’m beginner), stretch (I plan to do some yoga after this post), take my vitamins (something I already do) and meditate (the lifestyle task for the week).

I’m pretty excited and scared all at once about this challenge. It’s going to be a lot of changes for me. The one major thing being that I HAVE to make time to do these things everyday. I have to exercise, I have to stretch, I have to make my meals…these things I tend to push to the side from time to time because I’m too “busy”. I say “busy” because while I am busy (I work 2 jobs – one of which is a home business, I have a family, I maintain a pretty large house, and I’m learning a new language) I still have time to fit meal prep, exercise, stretching, etc, in my day. I just choose not to more often than I should. Now, if I want my points, I have to. And it’s more than just points. I really want to change my perspective on things. On life. On my habits. So that’s why I signed up for this thing.


So here is to an awesome start of the challenge, hopefully more blogging, and a healthier lifestyle! For more info on the challenge, click here! Now, I must be yogi!

xoxo, Regina

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The Great Gatsby Wedding Photo Shoot featuring Rlhcreations!

PrintHi All!

It’s been a LONG time since I last posted! I have a few new posts waiting in the wings but for now I thought I’d share this exciting news with you all! My business, rlhcreations, has been featured in the popular and lovely 100 Layer Cake’s wedding blog!  Here is a link to the post! I’ve also included some images from the post as well!



























Photography: Lauren Scotti / Caterer: Jay’s Catering / Event Planner: Just Wenderful / Floral Designer: The Bloomin’ Gypsy / Invitation Designer: KM Paperie / Dress Store: Macalistaire at 1850 / Equipment Rentals: Allure Event Rentals and The Vintage Table Co. / Makeup Artist: Ashley Gannon Makeup & Hair / Veils and headpieces: Be Something New / Event Venue: Santiago Canyon Estate / Hanger/cake topper: rlhcreations


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December Favorites!


Hey everyone! Happy New Year!!! It’s been a while hasn’t it? The past 2 months have been busy and interesting to say the least. Since I didn’t have a decent amount of November faves I decided to add those in with my December faves. So, onward with the show!

1. The Golden Age | Sephora by OPI

I have been on the hunt for a good, chunky, gold, glitter nail polish for months. During the holiday weekend, I walked into Sephora and saw they were having a sale on a couple of their nail polishes. The Golden Age was one of them so I got it. I LOVE it! It’s perfect! The brush is perfect. The coverage is perfect. I’m a happy gal and my search for the perfect gold glitter nail polish is over!! Lol.

Sephora by OPI

2. Wet n’ Wild | Walking on Eggshells Trio

I posted a couple months ago how I loved the Sweet as Candy Wet n’ Wild Trio (read here). I was at Target last month and picked up a few other trios one of which was Walking on Eggshells. This one has trumped the last. There really isn’t much difference between the two however the Walking on Eggshells trio is more neutral which I really like. I’m not a gutsy eye shadow wearer so I tend to really like neutral shades.


3. Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain | Revlon

I picked up 2 of these last month based on a rave review I saw on YouTube. I got the colors Honey and Charm. I LOVE the color Honey. It’s the perfect color for me to wear everyday. It’s a really nice medium pink that adds a nice touch of color to my lips without looking overdone. I didn’t really like Charm. It was a little too light for my taste.


4. www.bloglovin.com

I don’t even remember how I stumbled upon bloglovin but once I did, I fell in love quickly! In a nutshell, it’s a website where you can watch/read all your favorite blogs, like your favorite entries and find new blogs that are trending or are related to the ones you currently like to read. The site also has a Firefox add on (if you’re on Internet Explorer then you need to drop that and start browsing the world wide web in Firefox) and an iPhone app!

Here is the homescreen once you login. It’s sort of like a dashboard for all your favorite blogs. You can add on blogs as you discover them. A lot of the times I find that they are already on the site so you just have to click add. It lists all the blog entries by date and time. If you want to view one blog at a time, you can click on the blog name off to the left.


Once you read an entry, it greys out so you know what you’ve read and haven’t ready yet (see above). You can also like individual entries which is a nice feature (see the little red heart).


If you ever want to view all of your favorite entries, you can by clicking the “Liked posts” link off to the top left.


5. Love Is More Than a Fuzzy Feeling Scarf | Conversation Pieces
Like most women, I’m addicted to Pinterest. I pinned this heart scarf months ago (see photo on the left curtsey of Conversation Pieces) from 2 different companies in 2 different colors. I never really intended to buy it online. I like to save and pin things and try to find something similar locally if I can before I online shop. However, after not seeing it locally, and once the holiday season started, I decided I needed to have it. I ended up getting a dark, navy blue one with taupe colored hearts. I can’t find it online anymore but I do know they tend to restock their popular scarfs. When I got mine it said “Back in stock”. Mine came from Conversation Pieces. They have a taupe version here. You can always message them to see if they will bring back the version I have. Bonus: The way they package their stuff for shipping is super cute! There are photos of how they do it on the home page.


6. Espresso Maker | VillaWare

I picked up this bad boy about a year ago at Bed Bath & Beyond. I would link the actual machine here (or at least an updated version of it) but it no longer exists! I used it when I first got it. I wanted to save money on Starbucks so I thought if I could figure out how to make my own drink, all would be good in the world. lol. I ended up getting frustrated with it and left it alone until this December when Ruben lost his job and I had to cut my spending habits – coffee being a big one! It took a good 2 weeks before my hubby got the drink right but now I won’t get Starbucks unless I’m picking up supplies or getting something from my normal drink (Soy Vanilla Latte if you’re curious).


It comes with all these accessories to make your perfect latte. I also purchased a frothing pitcher since the machine has a frother.


I get the espresso beans (ground) and the vanilla syrup from Starbucks and my vanilla soy milk from the grocery store. And finally, my mug. I got it at Target. It’s the one you can customize yourself. I have 2 or 3 from Starbucks but of course I can’t find any of them.


So those were my favorites. Hopefully you enjoyed them! I have a few posts in the works as you read this which includes a burlap wreathe tutorial, some Thrifty Thursday stuff and new products that will be coming to my Etsy shop this January. Have a safe and happy new year!



Thrifty Thursday!

My husband and I like making trips to our local thrift stores from time to time to find art project supplies, unique treasures, etc. Towards the end of last month we ended up going to a few of our favorite places and found a few items we really liked so I thought I would share them. Our main reason for going was to pick up cassette tapes for an art project my husband is working on. I also wanted to see if I could find a cute dish to put in our bathroom for my jewelry because I tend to leave all my rings and necklaces haphazardly by the sink and I’m afraid I’ll lose things that way. My one piece of advice to anyone who wants to get into thrifting is to have an idea of the thing(s) you’re looking for. Don’t go in blindly otherwise you’ll end up with a bunch of stuff you don’t need. We’ve made this mistake many times. Lol.

We tend to look through the entire store once we find the things we want minus the clothes area. For some reason I don’t like getting clothes at thrift stores. I think it’s because when I was teenager that was where a good portion of my clothes came from because we were always tight on money and back then it wasn’t “cool” to have thrift store clothes. Lol.  That and I rarely find things that I like anyway. If something calls to me I’ll get it but beyond that I avoid that section.  Anyway, after picking up my husband’s cassette tapes we went to the dish/knickknack section to see if we could find me a cute dish for the bathroom. I ended up picking up this one which I really love! It’s from Avon back in 1979 and it’s still it great condition!

The next thing we ended up picking up was a set of metal birds. Ruben, my husband, had to have them! He had no plans for them at first but then I decided we could repaint them and put them in the living room. I have plans to redesign our living room to a grey and yellow color scheme so we will paint them one of those colors once we get to that point but for now they are green and blue. Currently our living room is browns, reds and blacks with a bunch of mismatched furniture. Lol. I’m ready for a change.

That’s all we ended up picking up. When Ruben finishes his art project I’ll have to post that so you can see what he did with all his cassette tapes. I’ll also post the birds once our place is redone but that won’t be for awhile.  Until next time, take care!

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October Favorites & Dislikes!

Hey everyone! I’m back again with another favorites post! It’s late but life gets crazy sometimes. I’m going to try to do these every month! I see a lot of YouTube vlogers do it so why not me, right? For October I have 4 favorites as well 2 dislikes that I thought I would mention since they are related to the favorites I have this month! I’ve been trying to list more than just beauty products but since that’s the kick I’m on right now, that’s the things I keep trying out. I only have 1 that isn’t beauty related.

1. Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse BB Beauty Balm
I received a sample of this BB cream in my September Birchbox and have been using it for the past few weeks! I fell in love with how even it made my skin look and how light it felt on my skin. I’m not a foundation or heavy makeup wearer so this stuff is perfect for me! I tried finding a cheaper alternative (see below in dislikes) but ended up buying the full-sized tube in the Birchbox shop.

2. Adios Script Pro font

I have fallen IN LOVE with the Adios Script Pro font! I’ve had it for a long time but always had other favorites that trumped it. Not this month. I’ve used it on several different personal and professional projects and it’s so beautiful! The pro of this font are that it has a ton of glyphs to use! The con is that it’s not cheap to buy with a price tag of $99.00! However, I think it’s totally worth the investment. It’s even award winning! You can view and purchase the font here as well as check out the designer’s other awesome fonts!

3. Sally Hansen Gem Crush nail polishes

I picked up one of these late September but didn’t really get the chance to use it that much until recently. I have to say this is one the best sparkle nail polishes I own! The brush applicator is a good size and the sparkle payoff is amazing! It’s a very even coat too which I love! I intend to purchase more colors once I get the chance! I got mine at Target but I know they sell them at a variety of different places. The color I have is called Big Money. (Side note: I used this as a top coat for one of my faves for September.)

4. Wet n Wild Sweet as Candy Eye Shadow Trio

I picked this up mid October on a random trip to Walgreens. I hadn’t owned a Wet n Wild product since I was in jr. high or high school so I was a bit hesitant to try it out. The cheap price tag helped sway me. lol. I love this tro! I’ve always favored pink/natural eye shadow colors because they flatter my skin tone and eyes well. Plus they don’t make my eyes look smaller than they already are. The other thing I love about this trio is that the shimmer isn’t insane. I think that too much shimmer tends to look cheap or juvenile on me so I avoid it. This has a nice balance that doesn’t feel overdone.

And now for the dislikes…

1. Cover Girl BB Cream

I picked up this BB cream after doing some research for a cheaper alternative to the Dr. Jart+ I fell in love with. I heard rave reviews about this product so I wanted to try it out plus the $6 price tag vs the $32-$34 price tag for the same amount of product was a big plus. The product does what it supposed to. It moisturized and evened out my skin nicely. I had to apply a little more than the Dr. Jart+ because the consistency seemed thinner but I didn’t mind. The downfall of this product, at least for me, was that I broke out the day after using it! It was horrible and it was in areas I don’t typically break out at! I’m not sure if this is common but it was an obvious deal breaker for me. As I mentioned above, I didn’t cheap out and I ordered a full-size Dr. Jart+.

2. Wet n Wild Fergie nail polishes

I picked up 3 of these after seeing them on Youtube. All 3 were sparkle clear coats. I haven’t used a Wet n Wild nail polish in years so I’m not sure if this is how all of them are or just the Fergie branded ones but I had a couple of issues with them. 1. The brush applicator is far too large. It was so hard to work with because it literally covered more than just my nail. 2. Because of the brush size, I had to wipe a lot of the polish off before applying which made the application of sparkles very uneven. It took about 4 tries to get it somewhat even across my entire nail but it still left some areas overly done and other areas just barely touched. I know sparkles are supposed to be sporadic, but not to where one part of my nail is completely metallic and the other part looks like I just applied a clear top coat.

That’s it for the month of October! Hopefully I’ll get November’s faves done in time! lol.