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Happy 1 Year Anniversary!

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On September 9th in 2011 I married the most wonderful man I know! Sounds cliche, right? But it’s completely true. For this post, I thought I talk a little about my husband, our life together and what we did for our first anniversary as a married couple…nay…married duo!! Duo sounds more awesome! Like a crime fighting team! Yeah…. 🙂

My husband, Ruben, hails from a very small town in Northern/Central California. He grew up humble, happy and in love with life and it’s possibilities. Ever since he was kid he knew he wanted to live in Southern California and when he started college he left his small town and fell right into the life of a Southern Californian. He’s a natural I guess. lol. We met in college in January of 2004. At first we didn’t talk. I think that lasted a week or 2 before the silence was broken and from then on we just never shut up. I’m not sure how he graduated since I kept him away from his schoolwork so often.

We started dating in July of that year. We became “official” in October. From then to now we’ve gone though all sorts of life’s adventures. Some good: College graduation, starting our careers, home ownership, fun vacations, fun family trips and of course marriage! Some not so great: Lots of family members getting some form of cancer, family deaths, job loss due to the economy, money struggles and the normal things most couples struggle with. After looking back I notice that what he had/has that all the other guys I had dated didn’t was the strength to keep me going when life got hard, the ability to push me into new and exciting directions when I got scared and an awesome supporter and friend that I can count on for everything. He’s my favorite person. 🙂

On a side note: One of these days I’ll have to do a post about our wedding! It was a dream I still don’t believed happened. All I have or photos and memories of it that feel more like a dream than reality!

Anyway, for our first anniversary we were low on funds so we spent the day at the beach (a favorite activity of ours in the summer), picked up cupcakes from My Delight Cup Cakery (we didn’t have a wedding cake) and had dinner at home. When money isn’t so tight we’ll go out and celebrate with a nice dinner at on of our favorite places to eat! Until then, here are some photos from 9/9/12! 🙂


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I'm a graphic designer and crafty gal from sunny Socal!

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